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Arbite Joint Control System

We are working to bring the Arbite Joint Control System to life.
This system will enable users to rapidly construct high performance robotic joint controllers of varying structures, from simple position controlled systems to complex variable stiffness Series Elastic (VSA) systems, through to differential drive robots and anything in between. We are building compact and easily connectable electronic modules coupled with fast real time software.

Compute Module

Compute Module

The computational module forms a core piece of electronic hardware within the Arbite system. This device serves as a communications hub for lower tier networked devices (encoders etc) while providing capability for executing joint space controllers and estimators.

Brushless Motor Controllers

Brushless motor controllers ranging in power capability from 80W to 4kW.

Brushless Motor Controller

Inertial Measurement Unit

High performance IMU. Capable of estimating linear and angular acceleration and velocity, and angular position. Temperature and gyro drift and bias compensated. Capable of estimating angular velocity beyond the gyro's maximum range. Fast data output rate of up to 2kHz. Internally updated at 3kHz.

Feedback Sensors

A range of linear and angular incremental and absolute encoders based on magnetic sensing technology. Linear resolutions of up 488nm per step. Angular resolutions dependent on the magnetic strip radius.


Unifying Real Time Software

Unifying real time software ties the Joint Control System together and is responsible for device configuration, management and data processing. We anticipate ROS and OROCOS middleware interfaces to this software.

Breakout Units

Breakout units enable interfacing to switches, analogue signal sources and existing devices, such as commercial force/torque sensors.