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Brake/Clutch Controller - 72V, 1A, 2 Channels

Brake/Clutch Controller - 72V, 1A, 2 Channels

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Control two independent brake or clutch devices with the JCS brake/clutch controller. Each channel has current feedback and supports configurable current, voltage or direct PWM controller modes.



  • Number of channels: 2x independent
  • Channel current sense range: 0A - 3A
  • Control modes: current / voltage / PWM
  • DC bus voltage: 24V - 72V
  • Max current: 1A continuous, 2.5A peak
  • PWM frequency: 20kHz
  • Control loop frequency: 20kHz (both channels)
  • Safety: Over current, over/under voltage
  • High speed JCS port for connection to a JCS Joint Controller
  • Dimensions: 31mm x 25mm x 9mm
  • Mass: 4g




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