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Braking Chopper - 72V, 10A, External Resistor

Braking Chopper - 72V, 10A, External Resistor

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The JCS Braking Chopper consumes excess energy from the DC bus due to dynamic braking. The braking chopper supports user selectable DC chopper or hysteresis control modes.

Requires an external resistor.


  • DC bus voltage: 24V - 72V
  • Current rating: 10A continuous, 20A peak
  • Control loop frequency: 30kHz
  • Control modes: DC chopper controller, hysteresis controller
  • Can operate in parallel and for greater load capability
  • Safety: Over temperature, Over/under voltage,
  • External analogue inputs: 1x single ended, 12bit, 0V - 3.3V
  • High speed JCS port for connection to a JCS Joint Controller
  • Dimensions: 34mm x 31mm x 9mm
  • Mass: 7g (excluding external resistor and power connectors)



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