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Motor Controller - 72V, 150A (Coming Soon)

Motor Controller - 72V, 150A (Coming Soon)

Coming soon - Please contact us for more details


dev_motor_controller_72150 is a three phase FOC brushless motor controller with up to 150A peak phase currents at 72V DC bus in a compact package.

Supports external differential or single ended SPI, incremental or UART encoders for commutation.

This motor controller is coming soon!


  • DC bus input voltage: 20V - 72V 
  • Peak phase current: 150A
  • Temperature range: 0-85C
  • High speed JCS port for connection to a JCS Joint Controller
  • Analog channels: 1x active buffered, single ended, 12bit, 0V - 3.3V
  • Encoder ports: 1x differential or single ended, supports incremental, SPI and UART based encoders
  • Supports JCS processes at rates up to 15kHz
  • Low voltage input: 12V
  • PWM switching rate: 30kHz
  • Current controller rate: 30kHz
  • Dimensions: 56mm x 54mm x 20mm
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