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Power Distributor - 72V (Coming Soon)

Power Distributor - 72V (Coming Soon)

Coming soon - Please contact us for more details


Power distributor for up to 72V DC bus rail.

Five female AMASS XT30 connectors for distribution of DC bus voltage to devices. Supports an AMASS XT60 connector for power input or wires may be directly soldered.

The distributor features a four layer PCB to carry large currents.


  • XT30 current: 30A continuous, <1sec burst currents of 60A should be expected
  • XT60 current: 60A continuous, <1sec burst currents of 100A should be expected
  • Dimensions: 32mm x 17mm x 13mm (Not including XT60 connector or mating XT30 connectors)
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